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Welcome to Clean & Simple!

By: Stanley Chung

Clean & Simple aims to help everyone make reducing their plastic waste a little bit easier, not to mention offering a simpler and more enjoyable laundry experience!


With simple plastic film and a kraft paper bag, Clean & Simple’s packaging has only a tiny fraction of plastic compared to the usual bulky laundry detergent jugs.

  • No more measuring, messy spills, cleanups, or heavy plastic jugs!

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Paper with minimal plastic packaging. Reduce your plastic waste!

  • Easy to use. 100% dissolvable in hot or cold water.

  • Free from parabens, phosphates, and dyes.

  • Fit for machine wash and hand washing.


Perfect for:

  • Traveling

  • Camping

  • RVs

  • Backpacking

  • Rental or vacation homes

  • Small living spaces

  • People who want to make doing their laundry easier

  • And anyone helping to reduce their plastic waste!

Canadians produce an estimated 3.3 MILLION tons of plastic waste each year, and about 24 CN towers’ worth of it ends up as trash. Recycling used to be the first answer to this problem, but only 9% of it is actually recycled, while the rest is burnt, becomes litter and damages the environment, or ends up in the trash.


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