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We inspire your children's curiosity and creativity to build tomorrow’s solutions.  

They design, build, program, and test robots that will further improve our quality of life.

Training Schedule:

On a weekly basis, our team (grades 5 to 12) gather in our training studio for 2 hours to acquire vital STEM skills:

  • Beginner Program - Sparkfun - Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP) Kit  (4 months)

  • Build and program the robot using Blockly (visual block editor) and Python (text code editor) to complete the following activities:


  • drive the robot​ (driver-operated and autonomously);

  • measure distances with the ultrasonic sensor;

  • sense and follow line with the line sensor;

  • pick up items with the servo arm;

  • and more.

Hands-on Assignment

  • This is a visual, drag-and-drop graphical programming system similar to Scratch.  Blockly is a good choice for learners with little to no programming experience. ​

  • This is an easy-to-understand and good-to-start programming language.  It makes it an ideal language for anyone to start their coding journey.

Learning Lessons

  1. Hello World

  2. Control Flow

  3. Lists

  4. Loops

  5. Functions


Learning Lessons

   6. Strings

   7. Modules

   8. Dictionaries

   9. Files

   10. Classes

  • Advanced Program - FIRST - Industrial-sized Robot  (4 months)


  • Design, build, program, and test an industrial-sized robot. 

  • Students leverage FIRST Robotics' WPILib integrated development environment to control the robot autonomously or driver operated, utilizing Python and Java programming languages.  

  • By the end of the program, we will build and program the EveryBot.

  • Build the frame and body of the robot using the following tools:

  • Use a Genmitsu CNC 3018 PRO router (wood and metal) and                   

  • an Anycubic Kobra 2 3D printer (plastic). 

Note:  A special thank you to Bunkie Life for providing scrap wood materials.

Join Now.​​​

1.  Complete the attached participant’s consent and release agreement (MS Excel document) and                                      send it to

2. Select either the Beginner or Advanced program

3. Pay your registration fee per student via an e-transfer to

Beginner program costs $50.00 + HST (a total of $56.50 CAD)

Advanced program costs $100.00 + HST (a total of $113.00 CAD)


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