Enchant Your Senses was able to raise $238.31 for our charities from our appearance at the St. Jacob's Farmers' Market 

Pay it Forward 

Our entrepreneurial superheroes are dedicated to making a difference in our world.  Each hero pays it forward by donating $1 per order to a charity of your choice below.

In 2021, your purchases have raised a total of

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The available charities are the following:

“At FoodShare, we aim to centre food justice in our work by collaborating with and taking our cue from those most affected by poverty and food insecurity — Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, People with Disabilities. Our goal is to inspire long-term solutions for a food system where everyone has access to affordable, fresh, nutritious food. We reach over 260,000 people each year.”

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Raised $70.18

“Over 75% of the population of Kenya and Tanzania relies on farming for a living. Inexperience and ineffective farming methods, however, can lead to low yields and poor quality crops. With the right support, farmers in Kenya and Tanzania can flourish. When you donate to support school farms, you’ll help supply tools, seeds, training, and equipment to a school or community garden. Crops and proceeds from sales go directly towards supporting feeding programs for hungry students Feeding programs allow school-aged children to have healthy meals every day so that they can concentrate on getting a good education.”


School Farming Projects

Raised $89.06

“Our mission is to inspire our community to invest in a new kind of health care for a healthier community.  Our hospital is committed to delivering high quality, accessible, and sustainable health care that helps people in our community be as healthy as they can be, at every stage of their lives.”

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Cancer Care 

(split between two foundations)

To support Trillium Health Partners, type “THP” into the “Let us donate $1 to charity” box at the bottom of the page and the $1 will be donated directly to the hospital.

Raised $319.46

“At Osler Foundation, we work to get your hospitals the funds they need to provide the best possible care. We can’t do it without you. Your donations buy essential equipment so Osler can provide exemplary health care close to home.”

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Cancer Care 

(split between two foundations)

Raised $319.46

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September 9th 2021 - MCI Productions met with Deloan D'sa from Trillium Health Partners Foundation for a virtual cheque presentation!