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Fusion Youth Centre

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Walt Disney

Cybersecurity Intelligence Agency

“Protect the Future”


Offer a Cyber Agent Program

at your school, club or program

(Cyber Defense Competition)

Step Challenge Results

Round 4 - Q1 2023

Stay active & healthy

  • 14 participants

  • 3M+ steps / 2,250+ kms

  • Daily average:  6K steps / 4 kms

Thank you for staying active through this cold weather.


  • Improve your physical and mental health with daily easy activities for all fitness levels and ages.

  • 4 prizes (e-Gift cards).



FIRST Robotics Team

(join now)

We inspire your children's curiosity and creativity to build tomorrow’s solutions.  They design, build, program, and test robots that will further improve our quality of life.







Combining the excitement of sport with the rigors of STEM, FIRST® Robotics Competition teams (ages 14-18) use sophisticated technology to build and program industrial-sized robots to play an action-packed, alliance-based game on a themed field. 


With professional mentors and sponsors, students learn business, technical and life skills that they can apply to real-world situations today and in the future. 

Plus, participants and alumni are eligible to apply for more than $80 million in scholarships and access career discovery opportunities and connections.



Enchant Your Senses (EYS) - Fusion Youth Centre (FYC) inspires young people to learn

emerging global skills, live their values and materialize their dreams.

Core Values

  • Respect - Recognize that you and others are important and deserves to be treated well.

  • Integrity - Live in accordance to your deepest values, you are honest with everyone and you always keep your word.

  • Courage and Faith - The courage to do something new and the faith that everything will work out for the best.

  • Curiosity - A perpetual interest or genuinely wanting to know more about something.

  • Excellence - A commitment to being the best and / or delivering the best.

  • Pay it forward - An act of kindness that sparks a difference in the lives of others.


Enchant Your Senses Board of the Director(s) develop, organize and plan the programs. 

Enchant Your Senses programs are facilitated and delivered by independent contractors and / or volunteers from the community.  These programs builds future leaders using an innovative and creative learning environment.  Our students acquire confidence and future skills through hands-on activities, leading multiple roles and teaching their lessons learned to others.  They are engaged, enabled and empowered to achieve great things and thrive in life.

Programs include:

  • In-person and on-line (virtual);

  • Fitness and sports, academic training and special interest clubs; and

  • For high school and middle school-level students.

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