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Handcrafted and customizable Sun Safety Bracelet.  Made with special beads which change colour when exposed to ultraviolet light indicating to those using the bracelet to protect themselves from the sun.  Available for a limited time only. Bracelet is stretchy and held together by strong elastic. Suitable for most, wrist sizes 6.5 - 8 inches.


Customizable Sun Safety Bracelet process:

  1. Upon order receipt, we will be in contact to confirm your customizable Sun Safety Bracelet pattern, if required. 
  2. A customizable Sun Safety Bracelet will be created and a photo will be sent to the email provided for confirmation your design is correct.
  3. Your customizable Sun Safety Bracelet will be shipped upon your confirmation.

Happy Dragon - Adult

C$16.50 Regular Price
C$15.00Sale Price
Colour Changing Beads
Glow in the Dark Beads
Regular beads
    • Ensure children do not chew on or consume the beads.
    • Keep out of reach of young children (Choking Hazard).



  • The Chinese dragon is a very important part of Chinese culture and traditionally symbolizes wisdom, strength, happiness and good fortune.  The Chinese dragon is also regarded as a protection against evil.

    Feng Shui is a Chinese method to harmonize the flow of energy between human existence and the surrounding environment, and the golden dragon is considered very powerful in traditional Feng Shui for wealth and abundance.

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