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  • Tea aficionados and beginners alike can savour this natural colour-changing tea.
  • This unique tea is blue when brewed, hot or cold; squeezing a slice of lemon will transform it into a purple tea!
  • Mix in honey or your choice of sweetener.
  • Add ice to make a cool and refreshing caffeine-free herbal tea drink.
  • The tea is made by collecting butterfly pea flowers (Clitoria ternatea or Asian pigeonwings) while they are in bloom during the early morning, and then immediately sun-dried.
  • Bartenders use the flowers in cocktails. You can infuse your tea into a cocktail, served chilled with a splash of Prosecco, or blended frozen with strawberries and your choice of spirit!
  • Give the gift of wellness to your loved ones - this herbal tea can be shared for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, a Home Welcoming, Weddings, Anniversaries, Showers, Christmas, and other special occasions!

Organic Butterfly Pea Tea

PriceFrom C$12.88

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