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The Purple Kohlrabi has a similar and sweet, mild cabbage taste with a beautiful color combination making them great garnishes or additions to a meal.  Each microgreen can have up to 40 times the number of vitamins and minerals than a full-grown Kohlrabi plant. The nutrition in Kohlrabi microgreens include vitamin B6, folate (B9), thiamin (B1), C, potassium, phosphorus and calcium.


Each plant is sold in a clam shell container 


NOTE:  Local delivery to Georgetown, Acton, Milton and Rockwood only on Saturdays (9 am-5 pm).   Orders received no later than Tuesday at 8 pm will be delivered on Saturday of the same week. Orders placed on Wednesday and after will be delivered the next Saturday.

Microgreens - Purple Kohlrabi

PriceFrom C$4.95
    1. Keep microgreens refrigerated.
    2. Keep microgreens between damp paper towels inside a container or resealable bag to last longer.
    3. Wash the microgreens before eating raw or cooking.
    4. Microgreens can be frozen for future use however, their natural form will not keep after being thawed.

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