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Memo strives to be more productive in an Eco-Friendly way!



Memos are eco-friendly reusable sticky notes made to stick to any surface.  They are portable, flexible mini-whiteboard sheets with a PET film backing to make them like a sticker.  Memos are proven to last with writing for more than 5 days without any dust accumulating and no staining when used with whiteboard markers.  Each pack contains 20 (0.5 inches thick) sticky notes.  Sticky notes can promote critical thinking, collaboration, proficient notetaking, and tidiness.

How it can be used?

A great tool to be used for endless possibilities: little messages, to-do lists, grocery lists, shopping lists, family notes, office team projects, class or group assignments. It can be also used as a weekly planner, fitness schedule, or to note down chores.


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